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Redefining the present of natural curly hair.

Rizos Studio is a hair salon that celebrates and promotes the beauty and diversity of afro hair. Through its founder’s personal journey and the legacy of the Afro-descendant community, the brand focuses on promoting diversity and educating people on the proper care and management of natural hair, they want to be the go-to brand for people who are looking for expert advice and tools to care for their hair.

The brand foundation emphasizes precision, optimism, and learning as key values for achieving its purpose of transforming the present of natural hair care. By promoting diversity and using science to provide the best tools and products, Rizos Studio wants to help people achieve their best version of themselves.

Inspired by the richness of Afro culture and history, the concept behind the brand identity is the idea of black excellence and the power of learning and mastering new skills, as well as the creativity and diversity of afro hairstyles. By recreating interpretations of this hairstyles, we created shapes as bases for the brand patterns.

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The transformation and evolution of our hair care rituals.