Vedrà Kombucha


Beverage & Food


Embracing the mystical essence of Ibiza.

This is a rebranding project for an Ibiza-based kombucha brand. This new packaging design embodies the essence of the island, which is renowned for serving as a unique gathering place for individuals seeking to connect with its vibrant energy.

The atmosphere on the island, along with the people you encounter, creates a sense of a magical community, elevating one’s spirits. This feeling easily aligns with the effervescence of kombucha. Crafting and savoring kombucha can impart a similar enchanting sensation as the wonders of nature.

The label’s shape and background colors serve as crucial cues for consumers to establish a connection between the brand and its previous packaging. However, the new design features a series of illustrations showcasing the foundational ingredients common to all kombucha flavors, with each flavor’s primary ingredients highlighted at the center. Additionally, the logo prominently incorporates the shape of Es Vedra Island.

All of these elements embody the notion of enchanting effervescence, while also emphasizing the significance of locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. It encourages one to enjoy life’s small details and take pleasure in moments like watching a sunset, which exemplify genuine freedom. Project done at Branward.

Our premium kombucha is carefully brewed in small batches by skilled artisans who infuse their creations with a touch of Ibiza’s mystical energy.