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Barcelona, Spain.

Value is woven into the finer details that bring us joy.

Kozze is a brand of handmade art pieces that aims to personalize spaces and empower individuals to feel their best selves. The brand platform was built on the values and purpose of its founder, and its storytelling reflects the idea of the importance of adding value to our lives. Kozze believes that by getting involved in the spaces we inhabit and paying attention to the details that make us feel good, we can achieve a sense of well-being and comfort.

The logo was designed with a base of five boxes, with each letter in the brand name created within one of the boxes. The thickness of the letters represents comfort and spaciousness, which are key elements of the Kozze brand. The name “Kozze” was chosen to phonetically represent the concept of “cozy”.

The brand icon features a section of the letter “K” from the logo, which represents a door and a window, symbolizing the spaces we inhabit and the comfort and well-being we can feel within them.

The Japandi-inspired color palette reflects the brand’s values of simplicity, functionality, and natural materials. By prioritizing these values, Kozze aims to create handmade art pieces that bring joy and value to the spaces they inhabit.


Our goal is to keep things simple to make room for what is important, to generate value through the details that make us feel good.