Foodie Market


Specialty Produce Market

Panama City, Panama


A fresh and growing rebranding.

Foodie, originally established as a family-run convenience store in Panama City, has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Evolving from its humble beginnings, the business has flourished under the vision of new generations. Today, Foodie is synonymous with an exclusive and captivating array of fresh products, some of which are rare finds in Panama City while also standing as a living embodiment to Panama’s rich natural offerings through every season.

With its continued growth, Foodie has expanded to encompass five thriving stores and introduced two sub-brands with ready-to-go concepts: ‘Juicery’ (offering fresh green juices) and ‘Cookery’ (featuring pastries, coffee, salads, and more).

Locally renowned as more than just a destination for fresh fruits and vegetables, Foodie has become a hub for food enthusiasts in search of top-quality ingredients and an extensive range of products to elevate their culinary creations.

The primary objective of this rebranding was to modernize the brand’s image while maintaining its core focus on premium fresh produce, thus highlighting Foodie’s local pride.

Fresh ingredients, infinite possibilities.